Monday, September 28, 2015

Test driving time

On Sunday night we welcomed a new member to the chorus and dove right into test driving and working out a new piece by Will Kaplan on time (listen above). Three words for three people- we were each assigned "Now," "Past," and "Present" and tried out different rhythmic configurations of the words according to Will's sense of time- blurry and overlapping. With Melia's help we plotted the configurations.We're hoping to unleash a version of the piece on Liz Macy's gamelan class  of 25 people tomorrow!

As our Thursday performance date nears, and with our Tang Readers Chorus repertoire at 5 pieces (possibly 6 with an EDM inspired piece by a student from the gamelan class), my idea is to perform each of the pieces in a different part of the museum, ending at the Theater built inside the Machine Project installation on the second floor.