Friday, September 25, 2015

Hooked up and going steady.

For our second Readers Chorus workshop at the Tang, 3 brave souls who had previously participated in the psychic reading workshop with Krystal Krunch came for some group reading. As I had previously discovered with the gamelan class (see 2 blog entries below), starting off with Kate Kendall's "Butte/Mesa" piece was a perfect introduction into reading together, in rounds, while following a visual score indicating volume increase and decrease. We then warmed up a little more with the Readers Chorus counting/attuning warm up (see 2 blog entries below).

Since we had a small group, it seemed like a good opportunity to try out Jordan Dykstra's "Hooking Up and Going Steady" for the first time. The score can be seen on the "Score" page of this website. I definitely have visions of this being a piece conducive to filming; with numbers being gently called out from different directions (this makes sense if you see the score).

Next we read Rob Brown's "Whitney Houston" piece (recording is above). The piece was originally written for 4 people, and although we first ran it with 25 people in Liz Macy's gamelan class, it was interesting to hear it still come clearly through with the minimum 4.

Lastly we read through Readers Rajio Taiso/Readers Radio Calisthenics which also worked out great. My sense of what we can perform for our Thursday, October 1 performance is definitely shaping up.