A Reader's Chorus:

1. An organized group of readers that perform together.

2. Inspired by the possibilities for experimentation with a group of speaking voices, the Reader's Chorus, develops, arranges and performs existing and original text based compositions.

Reader's Chorus beginnings in Los Angeles:

The idea to convene a readers chorus in Los Angeles was formulated by artists Jordan Biren and Sara Roberts in 2014 for the purposes of presenting a very rarely performed rendition of "Black/White Oratorio," written by the American poet Robert Lax (1915-2000) and British literary critic John Beer (1926). Composed entirely of names of colors in rhythmic groupings, when read by a chorus, 'Black/White' becomes a richly nuanced, incantatory and even hypnotic piece. Since coming together to perform Black/White Oratorio, various members of the dedicated corps have written new works for the Reader's Chorus to develop, arrange and rehearse together.

Reader's Chorus at the Tang Museum/Skidmore College:
Haruko Tanaka is a member of the Reader's Chorus in Los Angeles and will be in residence at Skidmore College and the Tang Museum from September 17-October 2, 2015.

In addition to bringing several LA Reader's Chorus pieces to be practiced and performed, Haruko will be leading workshops to facilitate the creation of new material written by students at Skidmore College and the Saratoga Springs community at large, and holding rehearsals to practice these new pieces. Everything will culminate in an intimate Reader's Chorus performance on Thursday, October 1, at 8pm at the Tang Museum.

"A Reader's Chorus at the Tang Museum," is a collaboration between Machine Project (Los Angeles), The Tang Museum, Skidmore College and the Saratoga Springs community.

"A Reader's Chorus at the Tang Museum" poster design by Micah Hahn